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SS21 Paris Fashion Week: A Review

I could not be more thrilled to review (finally) the SS21 collections. This year has been triumphant for fashion. After a year of battling Covid and its restrictions on more than just daily life, but art as well, Paris Spring Fashion Week has returned with innovation and gave us the breath of fresh air we all needed (through our masks of course).

Casey Cadwallader for Mugler:

This collection is one of the most accessible lines for our age group because it calls on such trendy themes that teenagers can especially appreciate and uses models that we all recognize to solidify Casey’s new vision for Mugler. You’ll also recognize pieces from other celebrities that Casey’s been dressing through the pandemic like Beyonce and Dua Lipa. Mugler is truly a modern brand, using fabric technology and reusable fabrics to create more affordable pieces for their buyers. Don’t confuse the scandalous pieces for scraps. The structure of these shape-wear-like looks, even when paired with jeans, create bold, “jaw-dropping” ensembles that push the boundary of nakedness and give “form-fitted” a new meaning. This line certainly conveys a vision that the purpose of fashion is to adorn the body.

Virgil Abloh for Off-White:

When you think Off-White, your mind may dart to the “hype beast”, logo-obsessed fad from 2019. But in 2021, Abloh has thrown off the brand’s fan base. This Spring collection, titled “Adam and Eve” is truly the rebirth of the brand. The show was produced through a set of small videos, called Imaginary TV, all with different plots and settings. Abloh’s inspiration for the scenes are the “pause” culture prevalent in the pandemic, ultimately to convey that the pandemic was an important developmental period for many social/political movements whose progress should not be lost in the return to normal. Off-White may have swept the rug out from under its clientele with this new message, but I personally think it’s the right choice for a brand to make a bold change and lead its followers to their message, rather than simply make the clothing that will sell to a static population.


This Spring, Celine gave us new money. Still attracting its typical rich-rich audience, the Spring collection is young and street-style reminiscent. The show was set on a running track, and all the models seemed to exist in an East Coast prep-school rather than the runway. The baseball hats and classic striped navy combos remind me a little too much of J Crew but it’s really that J Crew loves Celine.

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