• Lyla Bhalla-Ladd

Fashion Guide: Fall Trends

Hello and welcome back, friends. I know none of you are probably concerned with fashion or trends right now amidst the uh... pandemic, and I know rolling out of bed and onto Zoom is easy, in fact it’s so easy that I didn’t even consider getting dressed for online school for the entirety of the Spring quarter. But now is different. This pandemic is the new normal, and even though that’s not ideal, it’s what we got. Not to mention, my productivity and overall mood is always improved if I get up and get dressed. Alas, I am only going in between my room and my kitchen, but my dog has really seemed to love my fits lately.

And don’t think fashion took a break while you were in quarantine! Paris Fashion Week 2020 went on seamlessly, safely showcasing designers’ Fall collections and let me tell you, it was a much-needed boost for the industry. Contrary to what you may think, fashion and art do not stop even when the world shuts down. It is human nature to create, especially when such inspiration as this time period exists, and thus, art in every form is actually flourishing. Even in the micro levels, I’m sure you’ve all found yourself getting creative in quarantine. I’ve seen some style Instagrams with daily outfit posts, some Depop shops opening, and naturally, trends arising. How will you juggle all these trends? Have no fear.

The dark academia aesthetic defines fall. It’s plaid skirts, corduroy, suede boots, argyle vests, sweatshirts with collars, frilly socks, Mary Janes, Oxfords, headbands, the whole uniform-made-cute vibe. Dark academia is your ideal coffee date, it’s girl in red’s “we fell in love in October”. It’s chilly but not cold. It’s just so cozy. If you’re ever going to embrace the prep school vibe at your school, do it in the fall.

(Fall tip! For patterns, trade houndstooth for gingham. It’s a more complex pattern with the same square look from afar but will immediately elevate your outfit.)

Take a page out of your metaphorical summer jewelry book for this fall. Keep those layered necklaces and stacked bracelets. Warm jewel tone rings are going to bring the color from the summer into the coolness of the fall. Forget pearl studs, try a chunky gold hoop or acharm earring like these butterflies.

If you absolutely live in sweats, opt for a bright color set like these Mad Happy and Boys Lie brands. Of course these brands are ridiculously overpriced, but you can find them second hand on eBay, Poshmark, or Depop (I got lucky at a thrift store!).

Outerwear- even though I barely leave my house. In the occasion that you’re still doing neighborhood walks, here’s the best coats and jackets for this Fall. I’ve really been liking the longer cut for outerwear for this year, especially in a light suede jacket or a leather jacket. When it gets colder, grab an oversized puffer jacket like this one.

Let’s talk shoes. They’re big this year. Quite literally. Big dad sneakers, high tops, and platform docs are going to be your staples for the half-cold-half-hot days. It’s time to trade in the StanSmiths (@ myself) and up your shoe game. Here are some of my favorites.

Fall is one of my favorite times on campus. I wish I could see you all in your fall attire as the leaves turn and we start to settle into the school year. But no matter the circumstance, the fashion column lives on. Tune in next time and I’ll break down Paris and Milan Fashion Week (!!). In the meantime, go thrift some oversized sweatshirts and make me proud.